Otoplasty Bandages Question?

My doctor only does the procedures on fridays, and removes bandages on the following tuesday(4days after procedure) then puts light bandages for 3other days but since tuesday its Christmas, he is planning on removing them on monday, a day before he usually removes them. This is my main concern, wouldn't it be too soon to remove them? I don't know how important the bandages are when it comes to optimal results for this procedure. I just want feedback on my current concern. Thank you in advance.

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Otoplasty Bandage Question

    Bandages after otoplasty may have no impact on healing or development of hematoma.  However, every plastic surgeon will have a different methodology.  Kenneth Hughes, MD ear pinning Los Angeles, CA

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Otoplasty Bandages

I do not think it would affect or harm your outcome, the time a surgeon recommends for bandages or in general compression garments varies with each surgeon depending on what he has seen works for the patients and all around knowledge, either way I do not think you surgeon would risk doing anything to harm your surgery so you should be fine.

Luis Suarez, MD
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Bandages after otoplasty

Bandages after otoplasty are highly personal sugeon preference. I know I give my patients differing lengths of bandage time depending on how much resistance the ears offered to reshaping.


One thing to keep in mind - you and your surgeon have the same definition of success (happy patient). I would trust that he won't risk success for convenience, and he feels comfortable with the duration of bandages.

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Bandaging after prominent ear correction (otoplasty)

This depends on the technique used as well as personal preference of the surgeon.

Cartilage scoring technique, used alone, needs more support in the first few days to allow the ear cartilage to settle in the desired shape and position. The suture techniques usually need less support.

Saying that, there is a wide variation in how long surgeons leave the bandages on - from no bandage at all to up to fourteen days (followed by a headband for a further four weeks).

So, if your surgeon is happy to remove the bandage after three days, I'd go with that. After all, he is almost as interested as you are to get a good result :)

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Otoplasty bandages

There may be some variation from doctor to doctor in how long they prefer to leave on bandages after otoplasty.  Personally, I like to leave them on for three days, so I think you'll be fine having yours removed after three days (even though your surgeon normally leaves them on for four days).  Like your surgeon, I also recommend using a lighter type of bandage/compression after the initial bandage is removed.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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