My Ears [From the Front] Are Not at the Same Level? (photo)

Hello, I'm 25 years old, and there's something that always bothered me... My ears, if looking at my front, are not at the same height. Is there anything I can do with it? does it have to be under full anesthesia?

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My Ears [From the Front] Are Not at the Same Level?

Your ear position can be corrected under local anesthesia, but the difference is subtle and may not be worth the effort and expense since few if any one would notice.



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My Ears [From the Front] Are Not at the Same Level?

Thank you for posting a photo. A review of the picture reveals that you have asymmetry of your eyes as well as your ears. This type of underlying skeletal asymmetry is very common. Repositioning the ears in a higher or lower position on the head is incredibly unreliable and, in most cases, impossible. Fortunately, I think very few people (other than you and a plastic surgeon) would ever notice this asymmetry. I hope this information is helpful.

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