How Can my Breast Scar from a Chest Tube Be Fixed? (photo)

I'm 29. I have a scar under my left breast from a chest tube, placed shortly after I was born. The breast tissue is not involved. The scar forms an indentation in the area directly under the wire of an under wire bra. It moves freely with my skin. The scar only slightly effects the shape of the lower left breast. It's less noticeable when I'm thinner and my breasts are a little smaller. I wasn't bothered by the scar until a few years ago when I realized it could be fixed. Now I hate it.

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Scar revision

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As long as the scar is old and moves freely and is not attached to the chest wall, it should be pretty easy to remove the scar, suture the deeper tissues together to fix the dent and reclose the skin.  There will always be a scar there but the indentation should be resolvable.

Layered closure and indented / depressed scars on the breast

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Depressed and indented scars on the breast can be improved with surgical exxcision and layered closure. 

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