How long before I see results from sclerotherapy of hand veins? (Photo)

Had sclerotherapy 1 week ago on my bulging hand and wrist veins, immediate compression and I am still wearing compression gloves. I had the 3% Sotradecol liquid injected and there is no bruising at all. The veins look the same but I was expecting some bruising and I don't have a single one. I had burning for a few hours after the procedure and swelling for 2 days but other than that my hands look the same. Is this normal?

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It is hard to make a determination without seeing the pre treatment picture.  I do agree that I still see many hand veins present.  I usually wait 3 weeks between treatments and the treatment of hand veins may take several sessions. Also, since the veins will clot after sclerotherapy, they may look as if they are still present until the clot dissolves or is evacuated.  Follow up with your treating physician.

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Sclerotherapy of Hands

I suggest posting before and after photos. I personally don't do this much anymore because people need these veins as they age, plus fillers can be used to camoflage the veins. You may need a second treatment and consider foaming instead of solution injection.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Normal anatomical veins of the upper and lower extremities should not be treated with sclerotherapy or any other method. This is  normal anatomy.
Cosmetic surgery is part of plastic and reconstructive surgery. and we should treat conditions of aging as we treat any other conditions. To DO NO HARM

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Hand vein sclerotherapy outcomes

You will have to revisit the physician who did the sclerotherapy for him/her to evacuate coagulum from the veins or reinject.

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