1 week after open rhinoplasty. Not happy with the result (Photo)

I had very wide, flat nose with a flat tip and it doesn't have proper shape. Also I have very thick and oily skin. Coming to the main point, when cast came off yesterday I was not happy with the result. I don't have any pain but tip is too numb and feel stretched. Also left side and right side are asymmetric and tip is too much bigger. will it come down? will it get proper shape as swelling goes down? does my doctor did right changes or has he messed with it?

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Recommend Following up with your surgeon

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You are only 1 week from surgery.  Swelling, asymmetry, numbness are all expected at this point of your healing process.  I recommend you following up with your surgeon at your regular follow up appointments to discuss the healing process and address your concerns.  The swelling will definitely come down.  The final result should be judged only after you have had months of healing and sometimes up to 1 year. 

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Too early to tell

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At one week after a rhinoplasty all noses are extremely swollen, in particular in the tip area. There can also be asymmetries in the swelling that with time will settle and things will look symmetrical. 

At this stage try not to analyse the nose too much. Wait for the swelling to go down over the next few months and stay in close contact with your surgeon so they can monitor your progress. 

Jason Roth, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

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