What is Neotensil?

Allure did an article about Neotensil by Living Proof which is supposedly a new eye bag treatment product. Will it work?

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Goosh, I am all for over-hyped new products-don't get me wrong.

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The most impressive thing about this product is how different the lighting is in the promotional before and after photos.  This should send up a big flag right there.  The product reportedly makes some time of "membrane" on the skin for 16 hours that helps conceal the dark circle.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, the photos provide in the Allure article show the lower eyelid photographed under radically different lighting conditions.  Even with this there is no perceptible difference in the under eye circle.  Very unimpressive.  Generally when something gets promoted, the best possible pictures are found even if they are not representative of the treatment result.  Based on this, I think you are likely to be disappointed with this product.  However, that is just my opinion.  If you try the product and have a positive experience, please let us know.

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