Asymmetrical eyelids after Belpharoplasty, do I need a revision?

I've had my belpharoplasty 27 days ago. And now I find myself with a bigger crease on the right eye, andthus making the right eye lower and smaller than the left. When I try to open up my eyes wide, in the left eye, I can feel the muscles are strong and working together to finish the movement( the upper lid going up, the lower lid contracting downward), while in the right eye the muscles are weak, the lower lid hardly moves. Does this imply that I need a revision?

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Unhappy with eyelid result

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  • Things are still swollen this early after surgery.
  • I see no cause for concern, judging by the photo and your description of your concerns,
  • Discuss your concerns with your surgeon
  • And wait at least 6 full months before having any revision. Things truly settle with time.
  • One side always heals better and faster than the other - everywhere in the body. This is normal.

WIthout more time and an actual personal consultation, impossible to know this.

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Generally, swelling persists in these eyelids for months and makes judging the symmetry early on very difficult.  Often with time, much of the asymmetry resolve.  I would recommend waiting 6 to 12 months before deciding that you need something further done to these eyelids.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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