Seven Months After a Rhinoplasty Bleeding And Dry Skin?

It's been seven months since i had rihnoplasty done, I got a lot of work done to my nose. I experience dry skin and bleeding once in a while, it's not all the time, maybe about once or twice a month and the blood isn't a lot. Is this normal? if so, why does this happen?

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Bleeding Seven Months after Rhinoplasty

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   Have your plastic surgeon examine the inside of your nose.  There is likely nothing wrong, and he or she will recommend saline for irrigation.

Dry skin after rhinoplasty

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Dear Blaahbe

Thanks for the question.

  • It is not uncommon for the nasal skin to be sensitive after rhinoplasty .  There may be some benefit to discussing this with your surgeon and consider a discussion with an aesthetician. 
  • As for the small amounts of nose bleeding, it's a good idea to have your surgeon look into your nose.  
  • Your septal surgery may have some areas that have crusts or sutures that are absorbing.  
  • Nose bleeds can sometimes be worse when the nose dries out, so consider saline sprays and humidification. 

Best Wishes 


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