Tooth hurts by implant.

i got 2 implants on the top of my mouth and its been 6 days i am taking antibiotics. the pain is gone except when i bite down by one side of my implants my tooth next to it hurts. its kind of a sharp pain and the top of my mouth is a little sore. is this normal i have been having a lot of anxiety about this i just want it to properly heal.

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Toot pain next to the implant

Everything might be ok. But to clear your mind See the surgeon who placed the implant to evuluate the tooth with an xray to make sure there is no damage to this tooth 

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Its probably nothing...

Congratulations on your new implants! I wouldn't worry just yet. Its only been days since your implant surgery. Often you will get phantom pains on the adjacent teeth around the surgery area. Especially if the gums around that tooth were involved in the surgery. However, over the next week you should notice your pain subside.

It maybe a good idea to have the bite on the tooth checked at your follow-up visit as it may need to be relieved of excessive biting pressure. Local desensitizers may be a good idea to also protect the tooth and any exposed root surface.

In the un-likely event of the implant being too close to the tooth, your pain may get worse not better, so just be aware of it over the next few days.

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Dental Implant

Well its been 6 days for your implant so these problems are normal because it takes time to adjust the teeth and if you still want to clear your thoughts then visit your dentist.

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