Upper blepharoplasty scar feels raised and widened with bump like cysts. Is this normal scarring? (photos)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty done 11 days ago, stitches were removed on day 6. The next day cyst like bumps were on my upper lid above where my stitches had been and each day continues to look worse. Each day doesnt look like its getting any better. Is this how normal scarring should look? Thanks.

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Upper eyelid scar

This scar looks completely normal for 11 days.  Most patients will have an irregular scar for a few weeks.  You will usually see a slightly raised area everywhere there was a suture passed.  These will all go away as it heals.  If it is a little ropey down the road there are things that can be done to help with any irregularity.   

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You actually look fantastic for being just 11 days out from surgery.

Generally this type of ropy swelling does settle down.  I would recommend giving this more time.  I think the suggestion that if it is getting worse, to let your surgeon know is a good one.  There are things that can be done such as steroid injection but these have potential down sides and it is remarkable the amount of improvement that takes place over the course of several weeks.

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Upper blepharoplasty scar feels raised and widened with bump like cysts. Is this normal scarring?

It is not uncommon for upper blepharoplasty incisions to briefly feel "raised", "firm", or like a "ridge" after the procedure.  As the incisional scar matures it will typically flatten and smooth and typically become unnoticeable even on very close inspection.  If the scar does not flatten a dilute Kenalog injection will often solve the problem.

Bump like cysts can occur and can be easily removed by your surgeon.  If the incisional scar looks like it's getting worse it is best to contact your surgeon for an evaluation.

I hope this helps.

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Upper Blepharoplasty Incisions Are Raised and Bumpy.

Certain patients do get thickening of the incision area for a few months following an upper blepharoplasty.  The entire area will usually smooth out with time and "scar" massage.  If they keep progressively worsening though I would talk with your surgeon to go over options of a steroid cream, injection etc.  I wouldn't be too concerned at 11 days out if there is no pain, discharge, or spreading redness away from the incision areas.

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