Minor Bleeding 7 Weeks After Facelift?

I had a facelift about 7 weeks ago. About 2-3 days ago, I started some slight bleeding behind one ear. It's not a lot, and once I blot it with tissue it stops. Doctor said it could be some "Separation" but not really clear what that means, or what the impact is, or if I should be concerned. Doesn't really hurt, and again, it's a very slight amount but still has me concerned this far after surgery. I have been unusually slow to recover from this process, and this is one more thing going on.

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Wound separation after surgery

Your bleeding may be due to several minor things, but in all likelihood it is not a big deal.  Wound separation means the the edges of the wound have separated a bit and will need a bit more time to heal.  Even in this case, they will heal.  This can be caused by tension on the wound, a minor infection, or a suture irritation.  All of these things will resolve on their own.  

Followup with your surgeon but don't worry too much about this.

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Bleeding 7 weeks after facelift

Sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with bleeding following your facelift. By separation, your surgeon may be referring to the incision. It may have parted slightly if there was tension in the area. In general, the side effects of a facelift can include the following:

1) Swelling
2) Bruising
3) Temporary numbness
4) Nerve injury that is usually temporary but can sometimes be permanent
5) Bleeding


I would recommend speaking with your surgeon further regarding the issue. It is important the area is examined thoroughly to rule out the possibility of a hematoma. Everyone recovers at a different pace with different issues. This depends on the nature of the patient's surgery and the way they heal. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck with resolving the problem.

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Slight bleeding seven weeks after facelift should be examined by the plastic surgeon.

I doubt there is cause for alarm the bleeding seven weeks after he facelift is uncommon. Therefore, I would check in with your plastic surgeon.

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Bleeding 7 weeks after facelift

The bleeding you describe does not sound like anything serious. The separation your surgeon  told you about is most likely a thin separation of the neck skin from the skin behind your ear. This is usually minor and will heal on its own. Continue to follow your surgeon's instructions.

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Bleeding behind ear after facelift

If youa ren ow several weeks out from surgery, bleeding is a bit unusual but can happen along suture line.  Best to be seen in person to make sure it is only minor.

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Bleeding 7 weeks after Facelift

      A small amount of bleeding in the postauricular area at the suture line will likely heal uneventfully.  Be patient.  Every person heals at his or her own speed.

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Slow Improvement after Facelift

Small incision opening is what is meant by "separation".  This can occur and typically heals with some local wound/incision care.  The recovery from facelift and other types of cosmetic surgery can more than what is anticipated.  These procedures are major surgical process and uses all the bodies' resources to help the areas heal and recover.


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Facelift incision bleeding problems

In a facelift there is often some degree of tension along the suture line on the posterior surface of the ear.  It is not unusual to have some bleeding in this area.  This could be from a suture becoming infected to a small wound separation.  Generally all that is needed is standard home care.  You should contact your plastic surgeon for specific advice.  

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Facelift Incision

I agree with Dr. Palmer that bleeding at 7 weeks is most likely an incisional issue.  The incision in the post auricular crease is sometimes prone to split or dehisce and should be evaluated by your Surgeon

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Minor Bleeding 7 Weeks After Facelift?

 At 7 weeks post Face Lift, the bleeding behind the ear is most likely related to the skin incision line.  You should contact your Face Lift Surgeon to have it examined just to be sure all is healing as planned.  

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