Mini Lift V Mid Face Lift?

There are so many types of facelifts being touted these days? What's the difference between a mini lift and a mid face lift? What areas does each address?

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There is a normal standard facelift that is the center piece and rock of age reversal facial surgery.  This standard facelift addresses the cheeks, nasolabial folds. jowls, neck, neck bands, excess skin of everything below the temples, excess or sagging fat, and lax muscle covering....the SMAS.  This standard facelift addresses all ills from the temporal area to the base of the neck.  The midface is a little, but useful lift of the mid section of the cheek, the nasolabial fold,  the malar groove, and usually incorporates  lower eyelid improvement.  The minilift is a marketing term that has vast helpings of hype and baloney.   Forget the minilift silliness.   This minilift  concept does so little it is a waste of your money unless you get some psychotherapy out of thinking you actually had some useful benefit when in reality you had next to nothing.   Strong, capable, experienced, well trained,  master  ABPS plastic surgeons do real facelift and not some miniface smoke in mirrors hookas pookas.  Please do not forget this.  Do not be bamboozled by mini this and mini that.  This is simply a lure to pull you into the OR.  Some doctors know people fear larger surgery and try to get them in by words such as MINI.  Beware. At best, a minilift may have psychic benefit, but certainly little if any actual anatomic change. My Best  Dr C

Mini-lifts vs. mid-face lifts

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Great question. With all the marketing you hear, it is certainly confusing out there, isn't it? Here is your answer in a nutshell: A minilift is a procedure usually performed under local anesthesia. The incision is placed in front of the ear and just around the earlobe. The skin is lifted and sutures placed to pull back the jowls. The extra skin is removed. A mini-lift is a jowl lift. A midface lift is completely different. Usually an incision is made in the mouth and in the temporal hairline. The "apple" of the cheek is pulled superiorly by means of a suture or other technique. A midface lift repositions fallen cheek tissue. A mid-face lift is a cheek "apple" lift.

About the Lite-lift™ Facelift

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A person’s age is best guessed by the appearance of their face. If you feel that your face does not reflect how young you feel inside, you may be a candidate for a facelift.
During your #consultation, your skin texture and elasticity, as well as your underlying skin structure and your facial bone structure will be evaluated. Based on this evaluation, your board certified plastic surgeons will create a custom surgical plan, detailing specific techniques and recommendations to meet your goals. In doing so, he or she should be sure to have a full understanding of what results you expect.
If you are not a #candidate, your surgeon can make other suggestions to address your concerns and objectives.

Patients who desire facial rejuvenation that is affordable, quick, and effective should consider the Lite-lift™. Like the Life-Style™ facelift, this is a modified facelift that can be performed in the office with a local anesthetic and improve signs of aging around the neck, jawbone and lower face. These procedures are not "Thread-lifts" or "String-lifts". We do not use the "barbed" sutures employed in these other lifting operations. The Lite-lift™ uses longer lasting techniques that are discussed below. Because the incisions are limited, there is less bruising, swelling and healing time for most patients. Many patients can be back to work in one to two weeks looking rested and more youthful.

The best candidates for #LiteLift are patients 35-60 years old with early changes of the lower face and the neck. Older patients who cannot or do not wish to have a longer operation or general anesthetic can be improved with a Lite Lift™.
Lite Lift™ surgery is individualized for each patient. The best candidates for Lite Lift™ surgery have a face and neck line beginning to sag, but whose skin has elasticity and whose bone structure is well defined and do not smoke.

Mini or Mid Facelift

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It's difficult to give an answer without some photo's, and subject to consult you should be able to get the results you want.

If your skin is loose, sagging or creating the appearance of jowls you may be a good candidate for Concept™ Facelift Surgery. This type of Rhytidectomy is unique as the facelift is performed under local anaesthetic, and is less invasive than traditional methods, meaning the cosmetic surgery has a significantly faster recovery time.

The cosmetic procedure is similar to a mini facelift as it is performed with a short scar that runs in front of the ear, down to the ear lobe and tucked behind the ear. There will be no dressings or drains afterwards. This is performed as a day case, walk in-walk out procedure with minimal bruising and downtime.

Do your homework and find a qualified and reputable surgeon. Best of Luck

Mini Lift V Mid Face Lift?

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Dear Lisa,

A mini-face lift, in general, refers to an abreviated version of a 'facelift' which is a lift of the lower third of the face.  A Mid facelift is a lift of the middle third of the face.

Best Wishes,

Pablo PRichard, MD

Facelift Options: Mini Vs. Mid Explained

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Indeed, there are many versions of facelift being promoted and it can be confusing. It is very hard to sort out what is promotion and what are realistic results.  First, choose an experienced board-certified surgeon who should show a range of results with before and after pictures. There should be a careful explanation, aided by pictures, of what to expect in terms or extent of improvement, recovery, longevity, and limitations.

A “mini” lift will often give a “mini” result that may not last because it relies on sutures to pull up structures without actually repositioning them. When the sutures pull through or release, the result can be lost, even within months of the procedure. Because some tissues are more mobile than others, this may result in uneven tension, leaving you with an unnatural appearance.  There are many mini-lift techniques and, in general, they are best used for small changes or revisions.  

A mid-face lift addresses aging changes of the cheeks and nasolabial folds, and may be part of a lower facelift that addresses both the neck and the cheek, or target the cheek alone. Again, there are a variety of techniques.

Mini Lift V Mid Face Lift?

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Thank you for your question. The names are just marketing terms and you need to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for facelift needs.  Many "various marketing names" of the "facelift" is trying to offer something new for less.  The key things to ask for are if your muscles will e tightened, if needed, and if the neck bands need to be tightened, and if so, how will they be fixed.  A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is trained to do this.  Many non-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon doing this procedure did not do a residency in facelift techniques, and they do an abbreviated version, including no muscle tightening, no tightening of the bands.  We see many facelifts people are dissatisfied with because they only lasted a year or two.  See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and they can do a real facelift for you if you need one.   I hope this helps

Mini facelift in mid facelift might be the same thing.

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I'm not sure there is a specific answer to your question. Any operation should be tailored to the aesthetic needs of the patient. You would be best served by someone who is capable of performing any type of facelift.

Mini lift Vs. Mid face lift...

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There can be a lot of confusion about the different types of procedures.  The mini facelift is a procedure for someone with sagging skin along the lower face and jaw line.  It is appropriate for people who are just beginning to experience signs of aging but do not have a droopy neck and do not wish to undergo a full facelift.  The midface lift targets areas around the cheeks and folds between the nose and corners of the mouth.  Small incisions are made in the hairline and an endoscope is used to dissect and elevate the cheek tissue.  So both procedures are very effective, just for different areas of the face.  The best way to find out which procedure is for you is to see a board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon.

Mini Lift vs Mid Face Lift?

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 Let's start with the midface lift which uses an incision inside the mouth and within the temple hair.  The tissues are dissected off the facial bones and moved upward and outward creating elevation of the corners of the mouth and eyes which can be extremely unattractive.  Minimal incision Facelifts should have all the main features of larger tradional facelifts just with:

  1. smaller incision
  2. less tissue dissection
  3. less bruising/swelling
  4. rapid recovery time
  5. less surgeical time and ability to be done under local anesthetic

 For these reasons, I prefer the minimal incision face lift over the more aggressive mid face lift.




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