Implants are too wide for my frame. (photos)

I have a short torso and high waist with a narrow chest. I measure a 32 around pre-op and my chest measured 11.5. During my consult, I told my doc. I wanted to be more projection and less chest because of my short torso and narrow chest. At my pre-op I called again asking for the narrow high profile and they said he thinks I will be best in the moderate profile implant. Now 5 days post op I can feel the edge of the implants past my sides. I will revise- how soon can he place high profile?

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Implants are too wide for my frame.

I am a firm believer in dimensional planning, which includes matching implant base width to chest wall diameter.  That being said, your breasts have a nice appearance for 5 days post-op, and the ability to feel the edge is more likely due to the amount of tissue you have covering the implant, rather than the width of the implant.  The tissues will relax over the next few months, which will effect how the implants look and feel.  Assuming you have round implants, switching from moderate to high profile will add significant projection and make the upper poles of the breasts appear rounder.  If your current moderate profile implants are not significantly wider than your measured base diameter, switching to high profile may also require you to have significantly larger implants.   

In general, waiting 3 months would allow time for the breast tissues to relax and heal, and for you to see your final result.  I would recommend that you discuss your concerns in detail with your surgeon at your next post-op appointment, however, including the changes in your breast size and shape you would experience if you switched your implants to high profile.  It is important that you are certain that switching to high profile implants will accomplish the changes you desire.

Best wishes.

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Wait before changing to high profile implants

You are correct to think about base diameter and implant profile to match a narrow chest. However, because you appear to be thin it is likely that you will feel the implants on the sides with any type of implant, at least a little bit. Wait at least 3-6 months before deciding.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Implants are too wide for my frame.

I'm sorry you are not  happy with your results. The breasts look fine but obviously not the look you are after. Most surgeons prefer to give the tissues about 3 months to heal before reoperating. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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