Would veneers look natural and proportionate on my teeth?

I'm planning on getting veneers for my two front teeth & third tooth on the left in the picture but I'm afraid that they won't look quite right. The third tooth on the left in the picture (it's actually on my right side but the picture is mirrored) is behind the rest of my teeth & makes a gap between it & my front tooth. I think they would file down my teeth & just put on the caps but I'm not sure. Should I go through with my plans? Would it look nice & normal?

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I agree with the previous dentist that 4 veneers is the minimal amount. Another suggestion I would make is for you to consider short term orthodontics. If you move the teeth into a more ideal position you may not require veneers at all. If you still need the veneers they will be much more conservative and fewer. 

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Balance and symmetry is key

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Due to metamerism, there will be some compromises.  In certain light, the teeth will not match the others, but many people can tolerate this.  I would suggest 4 instead of 3, but 8-10 instead of 4.

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