Congenitally missing lateral incisors and want to have my smile fixed without braces or implants? What are my options? (Photo)

I am an 18 year old female and i have missing lateral incisors. There is spacing between my central incisors, canines, and premolars. And i also have a baby canine tooth on the left side right next to my actuall canine that never fell out. I really want to finally fix my smile but dont want to have to wear braces to get implants. Are there other options for me like bridges or veneers that can fix my smile? Or is it possible to just pull the upper five teeth and replace them cosmetically?

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Smile make over for missing lateral incisors without dental implants or braces

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Although dental implants and braces are great options for missing teeth or moving teeth to cover the missing tooth area, they do take time!

Your other option is by having a dental bridge, to replace missing teeth,

there are 2 types of bridges, the conventional bridge requires, teeth preparation, they are strong and look great, the shape and color of your existing teeth can be lightened! the other type is resin bonded bridge or maryland bridge, which is not as permanent than conventional bridge, but the benefit is preservation of your tooth structure, the down fall is that it can come out!

regardless you will be needing a full evaluation with xrays and study models, so the dentist can determine the best solution for you.

Best of luck!

Veneers and a bridge ... #DrSarahThompson

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You appear to be a great candidate for a smile design.  I would bridge that space, and place veneers on the other front teeth, making your smile nearly perfect.  I would not recommend braces or Invisalign because it would take too long and not deliver the final result that you're looking for.  I hope this helps.  Click on the save button below my name, if you have any direct questions for me in the future.

Your esthetics

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Thanks for sending your question. Your smile can be enhanced greatly by using a combination of veneers and bridge to replace the missing teeth and enhance the present teeth. This will require a comprehensive examination and assessment  of the condition of the present teeth. From this point then a study model can be made which can be used to display the after results for your approval. This will allow you to visually see the outcome prior to start of the treatment. I am confident your results will look spectacular. All the best,

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Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors

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Your case is difficult.  The best option is to open the spaces and correct the bite with braces, then have implants.  Anything else will be a compromised result and have limited longevity.  

Options to replace congenitally missing lateral incisors

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My rEcommendation  would depend on if your "baby" canine is loose, and if not, how long is it's root.  If it has enough root support to be maintained for a long time, then I would suggest you find an artistic dentist with excellent skills in cosmetic bonding.  Other than your missing tooth, your smile makeover can be completed with minimal or no removal of enamel.  Porcelain veneers or bridges would require significant reduction of healthy tooth structure and should be avoided if possible at your young age.  For your missing tooth, the best way to replace would be with a dental implant and implant supported crown.  This is a fairly simple procedure and you should really consider it as it will give you the best long term results with the least possibility of premature failure and need to redo at additional cost(which you might encounter with    some type of fixed bridge).  Another consideration for you would be a non invasive type bridge that replaces your missing tooth and is bonded to the inside(lingual) of the adjacent teeth.  The old style was called a Maryland bridge, but I would recommend one without any metal.  Today, these can be made out of milled composite, which could be made to match the cosmetic bonding on your other teeth.

Smile makeover

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a great way to fix missing teeth in the front is via a Maryland Bridge . It's fixed, looks awesome and requires less shaving than a conventional Bridge. It's secured from the back of the teeth and you don't have to shave the front part of the teeth adjacent to the gap. Best of luck 

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