Can veneers be used to make large front teeth smaller? (Photo)

It's just the front 2 I don't like the shape of. My question is do you think of could have the teeth filed a bit and have composite ones or need porcelain for the front 2? My concerned is I want the teeth to be smaller. So I'm not sure composite would be suitable as the tooth isn't filed down as much. Also they protrude a little. Would filing the tooth alot and having porcelain set them back a bit like I want? Also worried that veneers can appear bulky. When mine are already large at the front.

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Front teeth can be "filed down" #DrSarahThompson #STL

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Hello Hannah,

I would recommend having the 2 front teeth filed down and 2 porcelain veneers placed.  This would give you the outcome that you are wanting.  Just make sure you pick a dentist that knows how to match your veneers with your teeth, properly.  Ask your dentist for actual before and after photos of patients that they've personally treated because this will give you the best indication of how your teeth will turn out.  I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name if you think you'll have more questions that you'd like me to answer.

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You can definitely make your 2 front teeth smaller providing you do 4 veneers to change the width of your side teeth in order to make the front teeth smaller.  If you work with a to cosmetic dentist you should not have bulky veneers.


Dr. Maddahi

Can veneers be used to make front teeth smaller?

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The best way to make your front teeth smaller would be with cosmetic enamel recontouring.  This requires smoothing and reducing the enamel of your teeth to make them appear shorter and slightly thinner, less wide.  This can be done in 1 visit and woul be minimal in cost.  Veneers add to the size of your teeth, so the only way to make your teeth appear smaller  would be to over-reduce your teeth first and then have veneers fabricated that would be smaller than your original teeth.  This could cause your teeth to become overly sensitive to hot and cold.  You should definitely try cosmetic recontouring first to achieve the result you are looking for in a minimally invasive way. 

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