What treatment can help my discoloration, large pores, and acne for young skin? (Photos)

My pores are very large and are always clogged. I have bad discoloration on my chin and cheeks from acne scars. I'm 21 and have noticed since 16 that my skin just keeps getting worse and the pores on my cheeks have significantly enlarged. I've never gotten a professional treatment done and was considering IPL but was not sure if that's the correct route to go. I've tried many prescribed medication such as doxycycline pills, retinol cream, tretinoin cream and tretinoin gel.

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Halo can be the answer

Hi there, thanks for your question. I would recommend the Halo Hybrid laser for your primary concern of reducing pore size. Halo also offers other multi-faceted benefits in terms of discoloration, skin tone, texture, scars and of course pore size. Hope this helps! 

Royal Oak OB/GYN
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Skin Treatments

After evaluating your photos I would recommend a combination of skin care peels and a series of the Infini RF. The Infini RF will help your pore size and the peels would be beneficial for the discoloration, along with your acne prone skin. Hope this helps.

Alan B. Brackup, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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