4 months post op Rhinoplasty, nose still crooked. Do you think surgeon will give discount for revision?

I'm very well aware that at times, it takes 24 months to see the final result. But, 24 months my nose wont just magically fill in the areas where there is significant depression. I'm not sure if that's depression on one side of my nose or if it's crooked. Maybe if there was more cartilage in that area it would appear more straight. I really want a revision after my year. But I don't have that type of money. Im heading into the acting profession. Do you think the surgeon will give me a discount?

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Revision rhinoplasty

Usually the tip takes one year to show the final results.  The bones are crooked and well remain so until they get re fractured. I would talk to your primary surgeon as he may try to work with you as we all want happy patients.  Do not do fillers. Your problem is a major structural one.  Fix the structure don't make a bigger wider 

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4 months post op Rhinoplasty, nose still crooked. Do you think surgeon will give discount for revision?

It is usually 12 months not 24 months to have full healing. I might consider a "non surgical rhinoplasty" to help straighten. I doubt any discounts will be coming. Seek in person second opinions. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Likely need revision

Hello.  I always tell my patients it's extremely difficult to get a perfectly straight nose.  The goal is always to improve your appearance--thus, make it STRAIGHTER.  The more significant a preexisting deviation, the more dramatic and satisfactory result.  Based on your photos, I think further improvement can be achieved, but it's unlikely to be perfectly straight.  Your tip also looks very swollen still.  In my experience, the majority of edema (swelling) has come down between 2-4 months.  Although you're 4 months out, I would still favor continued observation.  As for your question whether a discount will be offered, that is a conversation you should have with your surgeon.  If your surgeon agrees that the results are not great, then he/she may offer a discount.  I hope things go well for you.

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