14 days after dental molar extraction and bone graft and still having intense pain? Abx entire time now. (Photo)

I had a root canal and crown on this tooth 3 yrs ago, began having pain again 1 mo ago, general dentist said infected and needs extracted. 14 days ago had extraction and bone graft done. Pain requiring narcotics still. Re-X-ray 4d ago fine. Yesterday was starting to feel better then today while rinsing a part of I assume the bone graft came out. Dentist office says still ok as they pack bone graft deep down. I still see white bone material down in hole. But now pain is bad bad again. Worried!

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Prolonged sever pain after extraction and bone grafting

From your pictures it looks like the graft material is still in place. Many times we pack a cellulose plug over the graft material.  That may be what came out.  You still should avoid vigorous rinsing.  Pain this long after an extraction is not usual.  Please visit your surgeon to be evaluated.

Prolonged sever pain after extraction and bone grafting

It is not normal to have severe pain this far out after this type of surgery 

you need to see your surgeon to be put on antibiotics   

Meanwhile , make sure to follow post op instructions, rinse with mouth rinse, no brushing  / eating on the site 
no smoking. 

Also, you shouldnt be pulling on the cheeks. You are pulling the flaps / and compromising the healing. 

good luck. 

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