Oral Medication for Lipomas?

Is There Meds That Can Be Taken Orally Besides Having Surgery for Lipoma's

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Removal of lipomas requires surgery

Lipomas are benign tumors consisting of fatty tissue. No pill will get rid of them. The treatment is surgical. Depending on their size and consistency, even large lipomas can be removed through small excisions leaving small scars. Removal of lipomas is a common dermatological procedure.

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surgery is the only answer. you must see a plastic surgeon or a general surgeon to have the mass evaluated an d a decision for surgery should be made.

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There is no oral treatment for lipomas

Lipomas are collections of fat deep under the skin. They are often painless but can have blood vessels or nerves trapped within them, leading to pain. Any skin mass should be evaluated by your doctor.

Small lipomas that do not bother are usually left alone. Large, growing, or painful ones can be removed surgically with local anesthesia (injections of numbing medicine done in the office). There have been attempts to remove them with liposuction and mesotherapy as well, although surgical excision is still the treatment of choice.

Some people have many lipomas, a condition which can run in the family. There is no oral treatment for lipomas.

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Lipoma removal

The only way to remove the lipoma mass is to manualy remove it.  This is generally done by making an incision directly over the mass and removing the abnormal tissue.  No oral medication can remove a lipoma.

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Surgery is the only treatment of lipomas>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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