Can I Have a Lipoma Removed at the Emergencey Room?

Can I have a Lipoma removed at the Emergencey Room? I had it diagnosed 8 years ago, and dont have a personal Dr. anymore.

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Lipoma removal is not an emergency

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It is unlikely that they will remove your lipoma in the emergency room as this is not an emergency diagnosis. If they were to do it there, it would likely be much more expensive, and likely less cosmetically pleasing, than it would be if you were to go to a dermatologist, surgeon, or plastic surgeon. It is generally a simple, in office procedure depending on size and location.

New York Dermatologist

Emergency lipoma removal?

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Since a Lipoma removal is not an emergency it should not be removed in an ER setting. In today's ER's in a major city this would not be allowed. It was permitted 30 years ago in some hospitals but I do not think that it would be allowed today except perhaps in a smaller city and if it was prearranged. 

The Emergency Room is for Emergencies

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The answer is no.  Assuming this is a typical lipoma, any general surgeon or plastic surgeon could take this out in their office under local anesthesia.  You could probably get it done for a few hundred dollars out of pocket. 


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The Emergency Room is not an operating room, The emergency room is not to be used as your primary care .

See your Family Physician who can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

ERs aren't like on TV

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I once saw them do a liver transplant in the ER on TV as if the ER is the hub of all hospital activity.  This is not true and all surgery should be done in a proper OR by a real surgeon, not an ER doctor.

Lipoma Removal in ER

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Generally emergency room physicians do not remove lipomas. You can make an appointment with a general surgeon and depending on the size/location of the lipoma he/she can remove it either in the office or in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia.

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