I received my first Botox yesterday. I was given 15 units in my forehead. Any suggestions?

I received my first Botox yesterday .... I was given 15 units in my forehead ... He wanted to do 20 units for my eleven lines (they aren't there yet but he said we should start now rather than later ) my forehead has deep wrinkles . I am confused to y he would only do 15 units for my wrinkled forehead but then want to do 20 units for eleven lines that aren't even there yet ??? I asked if we could just do ten units for the eleven line area and he said no that would be pointless ?

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Botox Dosing

Muscles injected with Botox can no longer contract and this causes the muscles to relax. When the muscles relax, the wrinkles in the skin overlying the muscle begin to soften. The goal of Botox, therefore, is often two-fold:

1) To help soften wrinkles that are already present
2) Prevent the formation of new wrinkles

The dosing for Botox to achieve these goals is variable and based on the desired effect, the amount of current animation, and the strength of the muscles.  Some rough guidelines are:

Forehead: 16 units
Crowfeet: 8 units per side
Glabella: 18 units

The glabella often requires as much or more than the forehead due to the number of muscles and the strength of the muscles in this area. For new patients, however, the exact dosing is often discovered through a trial and error process. See link below.

A conservative starting dose of 10 units is reasonable for the glabella, however, additional Botox may be needed at a later visit to achieve full effect.

Consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery would be the next best step.

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Botox For 11 Lines and Forehead

I rarely do the forehead without doing the 11 lines.  If you do that you have the potential to cause eyebrow ptosis (lowering).  With that said, 15 units is also a lot for a forehead depending on how large.  Normal dosing for 11 lines is 16-24 units.  However, all units should be tailored to the individual persons anatomy and movement.  I suggest going to an expert injector.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Botox for forehead wrinkles

The amount of Botox required depends on the strength of the muscles and the area being treated.  It can take up to two weeks to see the full result.  Some patients will have some lowering of their brows with the forehead injections so your doctor may have thought that treating the area of your 11 lines would help lift your eyebrows. See him in two weeks for assessment.

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It is inane to inject Botox in your lines that don't yet exist!!

Putting 15 units in your forehead is quite a reasonable starting dose. if you put too many units in your forehead you can get dropping of your eyebrows and a frozen look. as i explain to my patients, you can always come back for more, but i cannot take it away. it is better to be conservative.

i don't understand his logic in telling you to put 20 units in your glabellar area (the area between your medial eyebrows) if you don't have any lines there. that makes no sense. that would be a red flag for me.

david berman md

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Units needed for frown line

Muscle size for the frown muscle is such that one would not see much change with 10 units of Botox.  Your injector was giving you the right expectation. 

Susan F. Lin, MD
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Botox dosing

Botox dosing varies from person to person and based on injection technique.  However, too many physicians rely upon a flow chart of cookbook mentality when it comes to treating patients.  All patients are different and should be treated as such.  This may or may not be the issue in this case.  20 units is not a large dose for the "elevens" or glabella and would generally be about right in this area starting out.  15 units would be considered a higher dose in the forehead, especially in a first time patient.   I recommend always seeking out an expert injector and having a frank conversation about expectations of results / cost.  For first time patients, it is a good idea to have a follow up in 10-14 days to evaluate effects.

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I received my first Botox yesterday. I was given 15 units in my forehead. Any suggestions

I received my first Botox yesterday. I was given 15 units in my forehead. Any suggestions? Medina OH You need to wait two weeks for the Botox to settle in. And then if you have any questions, please go back to the doctor that administered the Botox.

Jeanine B. Downie, MD
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Find an injector who will listen to your desires

Thank you for your question. Every Botox patient is different and it is important for the injector to listen to the patient to determine their wants and needs. It would have been perfectly acceptable to use 10 units in the brow area for minimal eleven lines.  If you are being charged by the unit, that may be your answer.  If your physician will not give you what you want, as long as your request is reasonable, I would find someone else to do your injections. 

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Dosing of Botox Varies for Different Individuals

Thank you for sharing your question. Botox injections are very effective for wrinkle reduction in the forhead, crows feet region and between the eyebrows. For deep lines, more Botox is required. Typically, women require a little less product to be injected in order to have similar effects to men. Being cautious by injecting slightly less is acceptable. Injecting an excessive amount is not prudent and is potentially harmful. Make sure your doctor is experienced. Good luck.

James R. Gordon, MD, FACS, FAAO
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I receive my first Botox yesterday. I was given 15 units in my forehead. Any suggestions?

Thank you or your question. Each area of the face requires a different dosage to obtain the desired result, depending on the strength of the muscle and anatomy of the face. Perhaps seek more information regarding your face specifically from a consultation. 


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