Will Medical Insurance Cover the Costs of Rhinoplasty?

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Insurance and Rhinoplasty

Often, both functional nasal surgery (septoplasty, turbinate surgery, nasal valve surgery) and cosmetic nasal surgery (cosmetic rhinoplasty for outside shape) are performed together, in one trip to the operating room.

Insurance will usually cover the functional - breathing related - surgeon's fee and the facility/anesthesia fees related to that portion of the surgery.

Once the surgeon begins to focus on the cosmetic rhinoplasty - changing the outside of the nose - the surgeon's fee, anesthesia fees, and facility fees  - become out of pocket expenses. 

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Usually not, but if the rhinoplasty is being done solely for correcting a breathing problem, there might be insurance coverage.  However, rhinoplasty is a red flag for insurers, and often gets denied.  If there is anything cosmetic being done, then they will not cover it.  Anything inside the nose, such as a deviated septum is almost always covered.  Since many rhinoplasty patients have a septal deviation, performing the rhinoplasty at the same time may reduce the costs somewhat. 

Good luck.

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Medical insurance and rhinoplasty

There are times where this is possible.  Routinely an insurance carrier will cover the costs if your rhinoplasty is being done for breathing related purposes or to correct a nasal fracture.  This would help defray the costs if you are also having cosmetic changes made to your nose.  In my practice, it is extremely common to reduce a nasal fracture, correct a septal deviation or improve the nasal valve region for breathing related purposes and then the out of pocket costs are designed to alleviate the cosmetic concerns of the nasal tip or to decrease a hump deformity.  This makes a difference to patients on the order of several thousand dollars compared to if the entire operation is done for cosmetic purposes only.  But you will not find any insurance carrier that would cover a straight rhinoplasty designed to make artistic changes to the nose.  Much like you would not find an insurance carrier to cover breast augmentation.

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Insurance and Rhinoplasty

It really depends on your insurance company.  Most will pay for a rhinoplasty that is a medical necessity.  This means a deformity in your nose is giving you some breathing problems or is health related.  If it is strictly cosmetic, meaning you just don't like the nose you were born with, more than likely you will have to pay out of pocket for your surgery.


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Will Medical Insurance Cover the Costs of Rhinoplasty?

Unlikely.  Insurance, if it applies at all, would only cover issues dealing with septal obstruction of the nasal airway which has no impact on the exterior shape and appearance of the nose.  I personally, quit taking any form of insurance almost 10 years ago because the Rhinoplasty was not being covered by insurance companies.

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Medical Insurance for Cost of Rhinoplaqsty

Some insurance companies will  cover the cost of rhinoplasty after nasal trauma and that portion of the operation related to nasal function, that is nasal obstruction. Your surgeon's office can help you try to get pre-op authorization from your insurance carrier.

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Insurance coverage for rhinoplasty

Insurance will often cover rhinoplasty if it is performed for functional reasons such as airway obstruction. Insurance will not cover any cosmetic related procedures such as crooked noses or any other procedure that corrects just the aesthetics of the nose. If there are combined issues such as septal deviation and cosmetic rhinoplasty , the functional portion of the operation will be covered by insurance.

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Often airway improvement surgery is covered by insurance. If part of your rhinoplasty includes a septoplasty or turbinate repair, that portion may be covered by insurance but, the cosmetic part is yours. In the case of trauma the entire procedure may be covered but, please check first

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Rhinoplasty and insurance.

The part of rhinoplasty that is covered by insurance is the part that deals with obstruction of the airway--deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, and crooked nose.

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Cosmetic rhinoplasty not covered by insurance

A rhinoplasty that is intended solely for cosmetic purposes will not be covered by your insurance. If there was some significant trauma causing considerable nasal deformity or nasal fractures, insurance coverage may be available as these situations are considered to be reconstructive in nature.

I you have signficant septal deformity/deviation that is causing breathing problems, insurance will often cover this and a concommitantly performed "cosmetic" rhinoplasty, though not directly covered, will cost you less if performed. Nevertheless, you still would need to verify any coverage with your insurance company.

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