Is It Possible that a Broken Nose as a Teenager Could Effect the Facial Development?

I had a bad broken nose which resulted in a deviated septum and a twisted appearance (a convex/concave issue). This occurred when I was about 16 1/2 (I am a male). I then had a failed septoplasty 1 year later, and a successful septo about 1 1/2 years after that. These ops only fixed the septum. I then had two rhinoplasties which fixed appearance (5 years post septoplasty). Given the timing of things (and my gender), is there a possibility that my midfacial development was negatively impacted?

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Did Broken Nose Influence Midface Development?

I'm sorry you needed so much surgery to fix the broken nose. Considering the age of your initial trauma, it is very unlikely that it influenced your midface development.

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Nasal fracture and midface development

Whether your injury and surgeries affected your midface growth depends on the timing of your growth spurt in puberty (some males have this before 16 1/2 whereas others have it after). If the majority of your midfacial growth had already occurred by the time of your injury then this is less likely. Chronic nasal obstruction can affect midfacial development, but this is more typically seen in younger kids (e.g. from enlarged adenoids).

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Is It Possible that a Broken Nose as a Teenager Could Effect the Facial Development?

WOW! Sorry for all those surgeries. Yes it is a possibility that the midface growth could have been affected. But over the internet very hard to advise. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Midface and Rhinoplasty

In this situation the answer would be no.  Not to worry!  Only if aggressive osteomies were performed prior to puberty and typically in males, prior to the age of 15 would you have to be concerned about midfacial growth restriction. But in the setting of your situation that would not be a concern.  You could have some local issues based on undergoing multiple surgeries but there would be no chance of a midfacial development problem in your age category.  Hope that helps!!

Shepherd G. Pryor, MD
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Most facial development finished after puberty growth spurt

Much of the adult development of your nose and midface happens as you go through your growth spurt at puberty, which would have been, generally speaking, at ages 11 - 14 or so.  There are further small changes to your face out to age 23 or so.  Thus your fracture and subsequent surgeries should not have affected your midfacial development.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
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