Is it my teeth or sinuses causing my pain and congestion?

I recently had to have a tooth extracted due to an abscess. I was started on antibiotics. I wanted an implant and had it placed the same day I had the extraction. The X-RAY showed a huge pocket of pus and my roots of my molar were very close to my sinus, causing my recurrent sinus infections. I felt relief almost immediately. Now six months later after I recieved my crown, again, my sinus infections are back. Is it my teeth or my sinuses? Should I see an ENT?

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Implant placement same day of extraction on infected site? NO!

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On a regular basis, on an infected site an implant placement should never be done. Not only the factor of the abscess, granulomatous tissue, and bacterial colony on implant site. Besides,  inmediate dental implants should not be done on maxillars due to the nature of the maxillary bones, so you can feel lucky your implant was stable after all and you could get the crown. You should get an evaluation with a certifies Oral Surgeon to check if implant hasnt perforated the scheider membrane or exist any sinus communitation.

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