Retained Pigment from Breast Lift Scar?

I had a breast lift almost 2 years ago but have "retained pigmentation" from areola in the vertical scar. What would revision of the scar entail and how much does the procedure run. Also how successful are revisions ?

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This can easily be fixed

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Dear Ariel99,
This condition of residual areola pigmentation in the vertical scar is more common when the areolae were especially large preoperatively. There is a point where the surgeon can only put so much tension on the closure before he risks violating the circulation resulting in skin loss or death. However, typically after six month’s time when things have relaxed and the swelling has gone, it’s an easy matter under local anesthesia to re-excise the majority or all of that retained pigmentation. What charges are involved vary from office to office. In our own case, I typically perform this at no additional charge to the patient.

Best of luck to you.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Residual Areolar Pigmented Skin after Breast Lifting Surgery?

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What you are describing, residual areola pigmented skin ( usually at the top of the vertical incision of the breast lifting scar)  is not uncommonly seen after breast lifting done for patients with relatively large areola. As you mentioned, revisionary breast surgery is often successful in removing the residual pigmented skin. Of course, much will depend on how much pigment is left and the current skin elasticity around the area. Sometimes, the pigmented skin is best removed in stages ( more than one procedure);  If too much skin is removed in one session, the breast shape may be changed unfavorably.

 You will find the cost will vary depending on surgeon, location, type of anesthesia used...

 I hope this helps.


Retained pigment from incomplete removal of excess areola treated by excision.

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Sometimes an operation is hard to say exactly where the areola stops. When the skin is been taken out to complete the mastopexy occasionally small amount of areola will persist. After healing is visible in most of the time can be excised with a simple operation.

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Retained Pigment from Breast Lift Scar?

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For patients with large areolas who have a vertical or anchor pattern lift, it is often not possible to safely remove all of the pigmented areolar skin, and it persists in the vertical closure line. The revision is quite simple after the skin has recovered from the original surgery and has stretched out enough to allow removal of the area in question.

It is usually simple, done with local anesthesia. You would have to ask your surgeon for a quote--this is so variable from office to office.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Remnants of pigmented areolar skin on the vertical scar from breast lift

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If your areola was very wide in diameter then sometimes some remnats of it will be visible on the vertical limb of the scar.  The usually can be revised under local anesthesia

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Retained pigment in vertical scar

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For patients that started with a large areola, it is not uncommon to have some retained pigment along a portion of your vertical scar.   Depending on the quality of your tissue, you may be a candidate for a scar revision.  Please talk to your PS for an evaluation and to learn more about your options

Retained Pigment from Breast Lift Scar

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Start of by discussing this with your plastic surgeon. This may be done easily with local anesthetic and minimal down time.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Residual Areolar Pigmented Skin After Breast Lift

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It is not uncommon to have some residual areolar pigmented skin in the vertical scar following breast lift surgery in patients with large areola.  Usually, this requires minor scar revision in an office setting for correction.  Discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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