Does Anyone Know a Massage Technique for Lumps Following Facial Fat Transfer?

I had facial fat transfer to forehead, lips, nasiolabial and marionette lines. Most of the lumps are dispersing but I have one above my top lip which just won't go away. I am 3 weeks post op. Does anyone have tips for massage or any other technique to help disperse the lumps?

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Massage technique for facial scars and lumps following fat transfer

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There is no one technique and at 3 weeks it is likely that this will improve with time. Some practitioners promote the use of manual lymphatic drainage to promote resolution edema and healing.

Fat transfer

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3 weeks is early so dont be worried and be patient, I would suggest squeezing it between your two fingers with one in and one out of your mouth to really get a lot of pressure on it

Lumps after fat injections

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As this one remaining lump is on the lip area, your doctor should evaluate your bump to ensure that it is a fat deposit and not a cyst of a salivary gland or sebaceous gland. Massaging usually is best done on the lip by placing the thumb inside and an index finer outside and pressing together in a round fashion.  Occasionally doctors need to place a drop of corticosteroid into a lump to make it flatten faster. There can be side effects of this so discuss it with your doctor.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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