What's the Difference Between Fat Grafting and Dermis Fat Graft?

I've seen these mentioned in other posts but are they the same thing or two different things?

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Fat transfer

In fat transfer, your fat cells are liposuctioned and then carefully injected under your skin or into a muscle such as your lips.  In dermal graft, the deeper aspect of your skin, known as dermis, is use for transfer and augmentation.  Dermal grafting is usually used for lips and the majority of it will dissipate within 6 to 12 months.

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Difference between Fat Graft and a Dermis-Fat Graft

A fat graft is the INJECTION of small threads of liquid fat to bring about a volumetric change. A Dermis-Fat graft is a segment of skin, from which the external layer was removed which is PLACED AS A SHEET (flat or rolled up) under a sunken area to bring about a similar increase in missing volume or provide stability or strength to a deficient area.

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Fat injections vs. dermal fat grafting

Fat injections, fat transfer, fat graft are the same.  Dermal fat grafts normally are meant to imply that a piece of the dermis is transferred from somewhere else and placed into position. As a bulky tissue, there is a greater risk of necrosis, or death, of the tissue.

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