Difference between Lateral and Posterior Mandibular Implants?

Hello, how are the effects of the lateral and posterior mandibular implants different ? What does each implant achieve and how are they different? Thanks

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Jaw Angle Implants

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These jaw angle implant terms are older terms that refer to traditional silicone jaw angle implants that were designed over twenty years ago. There is very little difference between them and their external effects would end up looking the same. The more contemporary jaw angle implant styles and terms are 'widening' and 'vertical lengthening'. These two newer types of  jaw angle implants create very different facial effects. One merely takes the jaw angle you have and makes it wider. The other vertically lengthens your jaw angles and give it a more square shape in so doing.  

Jawline implants

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The difference between 'lateral' and 'posterior' is based upon 'where' you need the augmentation. If 'width' is the plan, then lateral augmentation is used. If 'height' of the angle (distance from earlobe to 'corner' of the jaw); then posterior. Typically, you are talking about Silastic/silicone when you use those terms. Many persons need 'both' so that Silastic is less ideal as a material 'bought in sizes'. Customization is best and is easiest with Goretex like material since all others need expensive manufacture.

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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