What are my options for cheek piercing scars? (photo)

Hello everyone, I have had my piercings for about 5 years now and I need to take them out before I leave for a work trip to a culturally sensitive region. I welcome any suggestions on the type of incisions, timeline, cost, etc. If it helps, I am 25, female and African American.

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Fixing your cheek piercing scars

Thanks for posting your question and picture. To fix your cheek piercing scars, you will likely need to have the depression excised. There is a special circular punch which can remove the scar and depression. The edges are brought together with a stitch. This will lead to a small incision line that fades over time. It would be a great improvement for you. Best of luck from Manhattan.

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What are my options for cheek piercing scar

ONLY direct excision of external depression with possible scar could give you a flatter result...////

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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