What could be done to further improve my nose?

I'm 3 months post op and know I need to wait a year before considering a revision. The tip of my nose is crooked it also leans towards the left, I have a small dent on the tip of my nose on the right, that side in general looks thinner than the left. Why is this? The swelling has reduced a lot since cast removal and the crookedness in the tip is only becoming more visible. I had a straight nose before, my nostrils are also uneven after this Rhinoplasty will this improve over time?

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Considering a revision 3 months post rhinoplasty

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Your nose will continue to change over the next several weeks to months.  Many times the issues you have discussed will resolve over this time period.  By 6-9 months, revisit these concerns with your surgeon; if you don't feel comfortable, I recommend consulting with an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon to review your options.

Healing nose

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It is still too early to assess your outcome. Even though much of the swelling has come down by now you have a long way to go before you see the delicate refinements start to take shape. Often times the nose heals asymmetrically so one side of the nose may take longer than the other. Keep a positive attitude and good luck on your recovery.

Justin Cohen, MD
Washington DC Otolaryngologist

Considering a revision

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I think that time will improve many of the issues you are mentioning. At three months, a majority of the swelling has improved but the small refinements will start to show up between now and the one year mark. If there are still specific things you are concerned about around 6 months post-op, I would meet with a few revision rhinoplasty surgeons and discuss further options. 
Best of luck

David Reinstadler, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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