I'm not happy with my nose (3 Months post op Rhinoplasty)?

My nose appeared crooked right from the beginning (In cast and at cast removal) The swelling has reduced a lot since but its only making it more visible. I had a tip lift and refinement, hump removal & nostrils made smaller. Sides are nice but I now hate the front especially from angle, I feel like theres no definition and one side is thicker than the other, it looks fat & ugly, could I be a suitable candidate for a revision in the future & what could be done to further imrove my appearance?

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Yes I understand what you mean. But we need to see the pre op pictures to compare. Tip swelling is very common and will get better. You need to see your surgeon for advice. They will offer you treatment regimes. Do not think about revision for at leave 12 months. Otherwise you will intervene too soon as well as getting into a cycle of worry and anxiety. You need to try and be positive - as most people will not notice all the detail that you see in the mirror. 

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