Why does the center of my upper lip have a gap? (photo)

I need your help! I had this problem for year i dont if its inflammation on my upper lip or a gap. I had braces before and before i had braces i never had this problem. Could it be the braces?? Is it my normal lips or is there something wrong?

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Braces causing a gap in lip?

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Having had braces myself once upon a time, I doubt the braces could cause a permanent gap in your lip. It is somewhat unusual as where you have a gap, most people have a bump or we call it a tubercle. This is a convergence of the lip muscle. The only thing I can think of is that some kind of trauma ripped or caused the muscle in your lip to fall apart there. The other possibility is that you were born like that (many are) and it has just become more noticeable with the swelling of your lips around the gap. 
I don't think it is dangerous, but if it bothers you, a small amount of filler can camouflage it easily. 

Lip gaps can be permanently fixed with a small soft implant easily.

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Lip implants are soft and come in all sizes and shapes to fix lip defects quickly and easily permanently.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip and Gap

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It is difficult to say what the gap is and how to correct if from the photos. It would be difficult to say that braces caused this kind of problem.  I would consult a specialist to see if fillers can resolve this.  Best, Dr. Green

Why does the center of my upper lip have a gap? = compare pictures #Lipgap #lips

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Lip gaps are physical findings that are usually present since birth. Surgery or trauma to the lip are possible causes of acquired lip gaps.

Patients concerned of the appearance of an 'acquired' lip gap should compare current pictures with old pictures to determine if that is a new physical finding or if the patient just became aware that that physical finding was present for a long time

John Mesa, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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