Lump on Side of Nose After Break and Cut?

I slipped in the shower 3 wks ago and cracked the my nose. I cut my nose on the right side and it bled a lot, though stitches were not needed. I also broke my nose on the right side, but the plastic surgeons said t was not noticeably crooked so I ought not have it reset. This week a hard lump seems to be developing where I both cut and broke my nose. Could this be bone developing or just skin healing? It feels like it is skin not bone, as it seems to move around a bit. Will it go away?

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Lump on nose after nasal fracture and cut

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This bump could be scarring in the area of the cut or it may be that you are noticing the healing bone though this wouldn't be expected to be mobile like you've noticed.. Bone can form a callus that can be felt under the skin as it heals. Your plastic surgeon may be able to check it out to see if anything needs to be done.

Nasal fracture

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This may just normal scar healing. After a fracture it can take several weeks for swelling to subside. Massage may help, ask your PS what they recommend. I usually wait 4 months after a fracture if a rhinoplasty is needed.

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