How Can Lower Jaw Can Be Brought Forward to Its Place Without Surgery?

Hello.I had my braces on 7 months ago and after that I actually started noticing dramatic changes in my face.The lower jaw fell back(probably due to retractive forces of braces system),as a result,my chin has recessed ,my face elongated.I red that this is a typical phenomenon that appears when the teeth get pulled off,however,I didnt have any extractions.How can everything be reversed with a non surgical way?Will my jaw be back into its place if i take off the braces on this stage?I am 19.

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Yes, with qualifications, the lower jaw can be brought forward without surgery.

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If you were my patient, I would have several questions for you, and an evaluation would need to be performed to answer other questions.  In all likelihood, your lower jaw has become recessed because of an instability of your bite (with an arch form that has narrowed) and your TMJs (jaw joints) not being stable.  

Questions to answer:  Dd you start with an overbite?  Was your upper jaw widened when you had treatment?  Do you have an airway obstruction causing you to mouth breath during the day or night?  Have your jaw joints ever clicked when you open and close?  Do you have headaches?  Problems with the eyes or ears?  

A number of things would need to be evaluated including your posture.  X-rays of your jaw joints would need to be evaluated. This can help to tell if your jaw has moved out of the ideal position for your jaw joints.  The solution may involve something as simple as a new retainer with a bite ramp (holding your jaw forward) worn full time including eating for several months while the joins become stable.  Or maybe your upper jaw would need expansion built into the retainer so your teeth with fit together properly.  These can likely be the best solution to your recessed lower jaw and avoid surgery in the process.

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