How Long After Braces Can I Get a Dental Implant?

I am 18 years old and had braces for 7 years. In November of 2011, i had upper jaw surgery to correct an under-bite. I recently had my braces removed and have been fitted with a retainer with and false tooth but I would like to know, how long I will have to wait until I can get the implant. Will the jaw surgery affect my chances of getting it sooner, or getting it at all?

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Placement of an implant after braces

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The orthodontic should contact your oral surgeon to let them know when your braces are going to come off and you can start preparing your bone for the implant. Implants can take from 3-6 months to heal one is placed in the bone, depending which arch. By the time you are almost done with braces you can be ready for the crown to be made in top of the implant. Consult with your orthodontic if you can go for your implant consultation or maybe he can give you a name of a surgeon. Is is all about timing and be prepared so you do not waste time and keep walking around without a tooth.

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Implant after braces

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The appropriate time for implant placement should be determined by the team of orthodontist and oral surgeon. The major question is if you`re still growing and it should be determined with series of x-rays. Usually 18 is a little young for implant placement. We prefer to wait a little longer, but achieve stable results.

Waiting period after orthodontics to have implant placed

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You can have a dental implant placed right after orthodontics is completed if everything is stable and your orthodontist has indicated that you are no longer growing.  You will want to wait til that point to reduce the risk of having an cosmetic issue if you have not.

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Waiting Period After Orthodontics Before an Implant

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As long as you are wearing a retainer to keep everything stable an implant should be able to be placed anytime.  The biggest consideration is whether you are done growing at 18.  Most time females are, sometimes males are not.  You do not want an implant placed until growth is complete as further jaw development could change its position negatively.

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