Im Getting Braces. Should I Worry if I Have a Large Tongue?

I'm a 34yr male, 15yrs ago I had bonding placed on my two front teeth to close a very large gap. I never liked it because it made my teeth look huge and the coloration is off and now there is a small space now. So I've decided to finally decided to get braces. I'm going to get the clear ceramic ones. I should have them on in a couple weeks. I was always told I had a large tongue/tongue thurst should I be worried. I was told I would have to wear them for 2yrs total cost is 6000.

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Large Tongue Can Interfere with Braces

Besides having to wear a retainer forever, after the orthodontic movement, you should also consider consulting with a speech pathologist to try and retrain your tongue to avoid the tongue thrusting.

New York Dentist

Large tongue

in general teeth seek a balanced position between the outward force of the tongue and the inward force of the lips.  Because of this, a large tongue will tend to push the teeth out and create spaces.  The problem is not closing the spaces but in keeping them closed.  Just know that you will need to wear a nighttime retainer FOREVER to prevent the spaces from coming back!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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