If I get more than one Cellfina treatment, will my cellulite keep on improving?

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Do continued treatments with Cellfina help?

Do continued treatments with Cellfina help?The only FDA-cleared minimally invasive treatment proven to significantly improve the appearance of stubborn cellulite on thighs and buttocks in just one session. Studies show results last at least two years, which is the longest duration of any cellulite treatment on the market today. HOW DOES IT WORK? Cellfina™ targets the primary structural cause of cellulite - the connective bands woven throughout fat in the thighs and buttocks. These bands pull down the skin, creating the puckering you see on the surface of the skin. Cellfina™is a small needle-sized device which treats the bands just below the skin’s surface. Similar to a rubber band under tension, once released, the treated skin bounces back to smooth itself out.This should be a one time treatment for each site, however,  we find that Cellfina Platinum , with the use of other devices, gives a better result

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Cellfina has been shown to have long lasting results (ie, 2-3 years) after a single treatment. With the likelihood of recurrent cellulite low, it is unlikely you will need a second treatment to the same area.

Paul M. Parker, MD, FACS
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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More that one Cellfina treatment, more improvement?

There is no evidence that more than one treatment will lead to any better results.  This is a new treatment and the initial studies for the FDA did not look at a second treatment.  It is an interesting question which would require further research.

Luis H. Macias, MD, FACS
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Cellfina for cellulite treatment

There is not enough data long term with Cellfina for us to comment at this time about secondary treatments and the duration of effectiveness.  It is an exciting technology and if there is a good response to the treatment it might be possible to improve the result with further treatment(s).

Please be sure to continue to monitor this site for further information about this promising procedure for cellulite.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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One treatment needed.

Our patients have been extremely happy with their results following one treatment. We would expect that additional treatments would give patients further benefit if necessary.

Roy G. Geronemus, MD
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More than one Cellfina treatment better?

Thank you for your question. Cellfina does not requirement maintenance, you should get results after a single treatment since the treatment works by cutting the fibrotic bands causing the dimples. 

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Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS

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Carlos Mata, MD, MBA, FACS
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Additional treatments with Cellfina

Great question. Cellfina is a treatment for a particular kind of cellulite; the dimples.  During the prep for the procedure, the dimples are marked and photographed. If you only have a few dimples, the single treatment will likely be sufficient. If you have a lot of dimples. the worst ones will be treated and some of the less significant or obvious dimples may seem more obvious after the worst ones are gone.  For this, a second treatment may be desired. 

The more common situation is that people have a combination of skin laxity, sagging and dimples and for this I recommend a combination of treatments consisting of cellfina, sculptra and ultherapy to get the best results.

Quenby Erickson, DO, FAAD, FACMS
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Cellfina cellulite procedure

Cellfina is a minimally invasive FDA approved procedure to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs in a single session. The FDA approval study only had one treatment per patient. Additional treatments were not studied. Cellfina is a new procedure, so additional research would be necessary to determine whether more than one session would improve the results. Stay tuned as more procedures and research is done!

Stanley Castor, MD
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How many cellfina treatments do I need?

You'll likely only need 1 Cellfina treatment. In a single treatment, we can release most, if not all, of the dimples causing cellulite on your buttocks and thighs. Although we don't have long-term data, results are stable for at least 2 years. See a BS plastic surgeon offering this treatment to see what type of results you could expect. Good luck!

Kyle Song, MD
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Only one treatment of Cellfina is needed

The results from Cellfina are achieved after just one treatment on dimples and grooves caused by cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.  As the treatment works by cutting the fibrotic bands that pull down the skin in cellulite, there should be no reason why a second treatment would offer a significant benefit, although this issue has not been well-studied.  As only specific targeted areas are treated by the Cellfina procedure, it does not prevent new lesions from forming, so a second treatment on new or previously untreated areas would be possible.

Narin (Joe) Apisarnthanarax, MD
Houston Dermatologist
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