Can I get rid of extra buccal fat without surgery? (Photo)

I'm 17, 5'1, and 100 lbs. I have extra fat around my mouth that looks like it may be extra buccal fat. I have been considering ultherapy but I'm still unsure if it would work. Before I do that, I want to know if there is a natural remedy for the extra fat. I have tried facial exercises and they haven't worked and I do not want to lose any more body fat. I was also thinking about using fillers for my cheekbone area and maybe my chin. Would that help?

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Buccal Fat Removal

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At your age, I would suggest you wait a bit before considering a medical treatment for your buccal fat. As you age, your face will change, perhaps becoming more defined in its contours. Your face has the natural heart shape, which is indicative of youth. It's something that older women envy!

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