Can "Buccal Fat Pad" return after Buccal Fat Pad Extraction?

Hello.Doctor I’m 24 years old. I did Buccal Fat Pad Extraction so I want to know that my body can be back, build my Buccal Fat Pad or not? Because I am so nerverse about my weight training. I have much of carbohydrate +protien . I mean my body can build the new Buccal Fat Pad in my treated area(my cheek)can get it again or not? And I must beware about my eating and food, isn’t it? thank you

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Can Buccal Fat Return after removal

Buccal Fat Pad Reduction Results are typically Long Lasting with permanent change if your weight is stable, are not on certain hormones. In general, your cheeks tend to thin with age under these conditions.

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Buccal Fat Return?

Buccal Fat is different than other fat in that it is an encapsulated portion of fat.  In buccal fat removal, the fat is removed from the area.  If all of the fat has been removed, then buccal fat can not be return.  If a small portion persists, that area can potentially grow with fatty weight gain.  In addition, fat is located throughout the face and can enlarge with fatty weight gain.  

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