Would a revision be possible after the swelling goes away to get similar results to my old nose?

After my rhinoplasty I realized that my normal nose that i hated since I was kid was the most suitable shape to my face and features. yes the new nose is smaller and more defined but I have became less attractive, couple of my friends also told me the same. my surgery involved many things, cartilage removal 8mm i guess and sutures in my tip, alar base reduction, also a reduction in supraalar crease. my nostrils are apparent now and cumella as well, which i dont like. I dont like the new me!!!!

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The new nose syndrome

It is not rare that it takes time to adjust to a new nose.  I think you look great and would wait a full year or two before considering a surgery.   Going backward to your old nose is nearly impossible but sometimes minor changes satisfy people.   My Best,   Dr Commons

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