Are upper second molar implants a waste of time and money?

My dentist does not recommend upper second molar implants. I really do not want a hole in my mouth and now my bite is off. Are upper second molar implants a waste of time and money?

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More chewing surface

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Re-establishing 2nd molar occlusion is helpful in distributing the biting forces over more teeth.  This is very important when a patient has other missing teeth or compromised teeth (teeth will existing large fillings).

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Second molar implants

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I have replaced even third molars in patients mouth.  they can be very worthwhile, giving you more chewing surfaces and protecting your other teeth.  Sit down and talk about advantages of replacing second molars.  If you had third molar in place it is almost done automaticlly.

Second Molar Implants

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They are not necessarily a waste of time and money. Every case is different. Your dentist may have a very good reason for his/her advice. From my perspective, I would consider 2nd molar implants an elective procedure. However, in the event that the lower second molar is still present then there is a risk that you can lose that one over time as it migrates up into the space of the absent upper second molar. If this is the case, then placing a second molar upper implant becomes a mandatory option to prevent this from happening.

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