White bump on gums after dental implant? (Photos)

I recently had a dental implant procedure and had the stitches removed 2 weeks post op. It's been 3 days since the stitches have been removed. After brushing my teeth tonight, I noticed a small bump above my gums and as well under. Could this be an infection or a common occurance in these types of situations? I am also wearing a flipper until the crown can be placed, could this be the issue?

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White bump after implant surgery

This may be a bit a bone graft material coming through the gums. This can happen. It's not a big deal but your surgeon needs to take a look.

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White bump

I suggest returning to the dentist. It may be the flipper rubbing but if that is the case it needs adjusting. Don't wait until your next follow up. 

Bump on Gums after Dental Implants

A few things could be considered at this point, 1- the flipper you are wearing should be evaluated to ensure it is not causing excessive pressure over the surgical site 2- if any bone grafts were used sometimes small particles could protrude through the tissue 3- you could have an infection. My advise is to return to your surgeon as soon as possible to evaluate for any of these possibilities.

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