To remove the dental implant, does the patient need to go under anesthesia ?

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Dental Implant Removal

Hi there, thank you for your question. I think any surgical procedure in the oral cavity should be evaluated by a dental professional and anesthesia is required for these treatments. Removing dental implants is surgically traumatic and local anesthesia and local anesthesia as well as sedation is required. Please have your dental health care provider go over the options that he/she feels are important for your particular situation. You should not suffer throughout these procedures with the technology available today.

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Anesthesia to remove a dental implant

The answer is Yes, remove a dental implant is a surgery as putting it even if the implant is decay.ç

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Dental Implant

Although the procedure can be done painlessly without IV sedation, I would recommend to be sedated to avoid the potential unpleasantness that can result from implant removal. The best case scenario is that the implant can be reversed with special instrumentation with minimal trauma. However, in some cases, bone may need to be removed which can lend itself a more uncomfortable experience. I would recommend to be sedated. Make sure that your surgeon has a special state license to perform adequate sedation.

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