What does a timeline of vbeam treatments look like for new scars?

Hello doctors, I've begun vbeam for 6 week old hypertrophic scarring caused by laser resurfacing to the eye area. The second treatment is scheduled 10 days after the first treatment. How often and how many is the norm for achieving maximum benefits? Will this be complete when the scar is colourless/flat? And then would I wait 12-18 months for laser resurfacing options? I'm worried having ongoing and frequent treatments with possible bruising will interfer with my life.

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VBeam for Scars

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Generally speaking the V-Beam treatments are performed one month apart for scars.  Depending on the scar you can do Fraxel within the same 2 week time period.  It would be best to post photos of the scar to help you.  Best, Dr. Green

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