Can I reshape and fix irregularities without having to go through downtime of bbl 2? What are my options to fix this? (Photos)

Had bbl may 2015 Had revision from same doctor to lipo buttocks cause it was too big Now I have dents little bulges One side is saggy compared to other side which is a little bit round

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This will need some careful revision surgery.

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If the problem is minimal it is possible to do the touch-up under local anesthesia.In your case I would recommend liposuction of the excess areas and fat grafting to the depressed areas.The down time should not be as much as the first time.Good luck.

Revision of Brazilian Butt Lift

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I don't think you can get much improvement without surgery, although you don't mention when the latest surgery was done.  In your case, additional liposuction with grafting to the depressed areas on the sides can help if things do not settle out (if your second procedure was relatively recent).  Good luck!   

Can I reshape and fix irregularities without a second BBL? What are my options?

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Thank you for your question and photos. Preop and 1st postop photos would have been helpful. Based on these photos and your experience, I would seek another opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in advance body sculpting techniques. Unfortunately, you will need at least one more surgery to shape and repair the irregularities , depressions and poor outcome from your surgery/revision. There are no short cuts, or patch work surgery to achieve a great result. I use the VASER technique to sculpt the waist, hips, back and abdomen and use the fat to correct the poor shape that you have now. Good luck.

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