Can regenerate enamel science tooth paste be used on veneers?

Hi I have 4 porcelain veneers on my front teeth and I recently found out about this amazing product regenerate enamel science which pretty much is a tooth paste and serum that can help regenerate th enamel. I was wondering if it's ok to use this product with veneers on.

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Toothpastes don't replace lost enamel

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The formulas for advanced toothpastes can help remineralize weakened tooth structure, but it does not GROW tooth structure.  Once enamel is lost, it is gone.  The decay process starts when enamel gets demineralized/weakened.  This then degrades and breaks down.  If during the demineralization the structure can RE-mineralize, then the decay process is reversed.It should be safe for use with veneers.

Toothpaste will not regenerate enamel #DrSoftTouch

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This toothpaste can help remineralize your teeth, but it can not regenerate enamel. Once enamel is lost, you can not get it back. When tooth enamel loses its mineral content, it becomes weak and vulnerable to decay. This is where toothpaste comes in to help replace the lost minerals and strengthen the enamel. It should be safe to us with veneers. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.  

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