How can I make my top teeth smaller? (Photo)

Ever since 7th grade i've been made fun of for having "horse teeth". my two front teeth are much longer than the rest. What can i do to make then smaller? I hate laughing I have to cover my mouth every time because I feel so insecure. Would veneers work, reshaping? please help.

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"Horse teeth" what to do about them #DrSarahThompson

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I would recommend finding a cosmetic dentist on RealSelf.  Make sure that the dentist has great before and after photos of patients, so that you'll know what the dentist is capable of.  You can get your front teeth filed down some and veneered.  I hope this helps.Follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.  

Appearance of smaller

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First of all, I want to tell you that you have beautiful teeth, and you need to realize that other people can be cruel. Some people just can't handle how outstanding other people really are and have to make up and say things to make themselves feel better about themselves when they themselves are lacking their own confidence. Don't ever let someone else's insecurity be transferred to you by something they say about you.  You know what the "truth" really is.Now, if you wanted to enhance what I feel is already a great smile, I will go over the following. You can not make teeth smaller without taking something away. You can give the appearance of making teeth smaller by broadening the arch and changing their position or rotation. You Could:1. Use Invisalign or conventional orthodontics to broaden your smile by expanding the upper premolars and first molars which will take emphasis off of the front two teeth.2. Intrude the upper central incisors using Invisalign or conventional orthodontics while broadening the smile.3. Cosmetically remove some of the length of the central incisors if not intruded with orthodontic treatment. I do not think this alone will give the result you are hoping for however.I feel veneers would be over-treatment for such natural, beautiful teeth and do not recommend them in your case.  Orthodontics is the best option to consider for such pretty teeth and will not permanently put any artificial materials on your teeth.Invisalign would give results in about 8 months in your case, possibly faster than that.  Please research dentists and orthodontists with experience, and ask to see photos of cases they have treated before you make a decision on who to treat you.Good luck, and I know you are going to be ecstatic with the results that are achievable from a talented clinician. You do have a pretty smile as it is, but there is help available if you want to conservatively enhance it.
Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, Texas area

Large teeth

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Reshaping or recontouring your teeth should help as long as it does not interfere with your bite.  Make sure no anesthesia is used as you do not want to have sensitive teeth afterwards.  This needs to be done conservatively.

Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

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Large front teeth

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Your dentist should be able to reshape your teeth to create a more harmonious smile. You have lovely teeth and don't need veneers.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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