Can I widen my smile with veneers? What's average cost & durability of porcelain veneers? (Photo)

I'm interested in veneers for my top teeth to widen my smile. Is this possible without drilling down the underlying teeth? I don't have a large mouth so I'm afraid of oversized teeth.

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Veneers would be a good option for you.  They would widen your smile, unless you want them to do that. They would not make your teeth look bulky, if they are done properly.  Some tooth structure would need to be taken away, but not very much on most of the teeth that need the veneers.  In regards to the two top front center teeth, you would need a little bit more prepping.  I'm not sure if you want a wider smile or not, but I'll include a photo link at the bottom that shows a case where a patient of mine wanted a wider smile, and I gave it to her.  I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for more answers.

Veneers to widen smile

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Veneers can  used to widen your smile. From the photo, it appears you have a very narrow arch.  I suspect that you may be a mouthbreather or used to be.  This prevents normal arch development.  If you do have orthodontic care to expand the arch be sure someone helps you with your airway and swallowing functions so that you do not get relapse.In short, veneers can be used and orthodontics is a viable option as well.  Looking at the whole picture might help your overall health as well as your smile

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Houston Dentist

Veneers will require SOME adjustment of tooth enamel

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Without removing SOME enamel, you WILL get bulky or oversized teeth. Porcelain veneers are a great way to enhance and widen your smile. One thing that should not be overlooked and given strong consideration is orthodontics. Straighten via wires or clear trays (Invisalign) should be a primary choice. 

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Yes, But you should really consider Invisalign.

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You have beautiful teeth and could have a sensational, "Dynamite" "WOW" smile within just a few short months.  While I love veneers and use them for many patients, I feel you are best served with Invisalign.  Your teeth are shaped nicely and have nice color which could be whitened if you desire.  It does not make sense to me to place veneer material on such nice teeth when Invisalign could move your completely natural, beautiful, teeth into better position.  Invisalign would also broaden your smile easily if you desire a wider, fuller smile.  The cost of doing Invisalign will only be about half of the cost of doing veneers, and your teeth will be 100% natural.  Please locate a dentist or orthodontist who has a lot of experience using Invisalign, and I think you will have a new smile that you are extremely happy with.

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