Red bump around stitches after rhinoplasty?

My surgery was on Sunday, and my doctor told me to use a syringe to spray saline serum into my nose 4x a day. This makes my nose run and im always using a tissue to gently pat the outside bottom of my nostrils. Around one of the stitches on my right nostril there is a small red bump but no pain or pus or anything. What could this be? Also, i am on antibiotics.

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Red Bump Around Stitch 4 Days after Rhinoplasty

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Red bump around stitch 4 days after rhinoplasty. It is impossible to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment without examining your nose. Consult with your surgeon before the long holiday weekend who can determine if anything needs to be done.

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Dear luvjelena, I would suggest seeking a follow up appointment with your surgeon so an examination can be performed to provide a proper diagnosis regarding the red bump you are seeing. I personally do not have my patients use saline spray after surgery. You may be irritated from the runny nose and blotting? See your surgeon. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Red bump around stitches after rhinoplasty

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A red bump around a stitch may be a number of things:
- bunched up skin 
- swelling and inflammation
- infection

The most important thing is to show your surgeon, so they can follow it closely and treat it before it becomes an issue. Safety comes first. 

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